About ARYA 1000 Controller

Integrated Controller for Elevators - Parallel Wiring

Power Rating:-
1. 2.2 kW to 45 kW. 3 Phase 380/400/415v
2. 2.2 kW to 30 kW. 3 Phase 220V
3. 2.2 kW to 30 kW, 1 Phase 220V

» Simplex elevator, Freight elevator, Villa elevator
» Max. Speed < 1.0 m/s
» Mair. Floor < 6 landings

Technical Features:-
» Shaft learning is standard.
» Direct-to-floor landing. smooth ride comfort, optimal travel mean time.
» Power on reset run is not needed.
» Practical, reliable power Faiiure auto rescue emergency operation using 220V. 1ph UPS/ARD.
» Automatic identification operation between short-floors with different floor heights.
» Advance door opening and re levelling using option card.
» 7 segment LED display for floor position indicator.
» Wide variety of door function control lo meet dilferenl needs in freight lift doors requirement.
» Parallel wiring control ior all digital input and output.
» Optimum Exclusive function, quick easy start-up periods-
» Pre-factory default parameters setting facilitate zero parameter setting at site.
» All inputs and outputs are user programmable.
» Sutable for auto door as well as manual door.