About ARYA 3000 Controller

High Performance Integrated Controller for Elevators

Power Rating:-
1. 2.2 Kw to 45 kW, 3 Phase 380/400/415V
2. 2.2 kW lo 30 kW. 3 Phase 220V
3. 2.2 RWID 30 kW. I Phase 220V

» Simplex. Duplex. 3-8 Group control elevator
» High Speed. medium speed. low speed
» Superior elevator, passenger elevator, medical elevator, residential elevator. disabled elevator etc
» Elevator rated speed < 4.0 m/sec
» Floor level 1 Each CCB lCar Call Board] can adopt up to max. 16 floors. above 16 serial lmk additional CCB up to 6.6 floors

Technical Features:-
» Redundancy control through Multi-CPUS. equped with CAN Bus, Mod Bus and GSM Communication Technology
» Based on displacement calculation methods derive N velocity profile to achieve optimum direcHO-pointdista nce control
» Simple 3 wire serial communications to commission duplex group control
» Group control with less than 8 elevators is based on luzzy logic control theory
» in-built real-time clock to facilitate time-sharing control and elevator management
» Flexible emergency back up power; 22oVac UPS power input makes emergency evacuation easy.
» Automatic identification operation between short-floors
» Handheld Operation Tools: Mini Keypad. PDA. PC to facilitate ea5y commissioning
» 60 fault codes to facilitate easy diagnostics
» Power on reset run‘ to grou nd floor is not required
» Shaft position learning is standard